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Friday, November 9, 2007


Now through February 10th of next year, you can see the original works of famed and controversial Spanish artist Salvador Dalí at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Dalí's displayed works in this exhibit are some of the most breathtaking and intricate pieces of art, showcasing the brilliant surrealist mind of a man far ahead of his time. Among his more famous paintings, the exhibit also focuses on Dalí's dalliances with film. If you make it to this exhibit, you must be sure to catch the short film "Destino," a modern completion of Dalí's original collaboration with Walt Disney himself, which is nothing short of amazing in and of itself. I was so taken by the short film, that I watched it twice before continuing on through the exhibit.
Dalí is certainly one of my favorite artists. His detail and use of color mixed in with his twisted and often disturbing images make his work fascinating indeed. I cannot emphasize enough that if you get the chance to check out this exhibit, you absolutely must. Its one thing to view a print of his designs, but to actually get in there and see the color and detail in the actual oil, its incredible.

Many people feel that my generation has no appreciate for the classical elements of culture. To many, all we care about is rap music and the internet. Such is not the case. Young people today can still get the same joy and overwhelming sense of awe and unworthiness at a classically created work of art. We can appreciate all types of culture for what they are and what they have helped to accomplish for all of us. The eccentric Dalí himself influenced the way people think about art and entertainment, helping to pave the way for many artists and filmmakers to come.
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