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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Man oh man, I love me some Wes Anderson. His quirky dark comedies really integrate a sense of real human emotional torment with bizarre storybook type events and characters. Its a great way to direct and really shows, again, this generational trait of mixing authenticity with creativity. His movies are another of those that characterize a certain sensibility that part of this generation shares. Not everyone loves Wes Anderson 18-yr-old sister for one, HATES them...but those that enjoy them, really love them and assign a certain cultural cache to them that goes well beyond simple entertainment. I'm super excited for his new movie that came out last weekend "The Darjeeling Limited," and will surely provide updates once I see it next week.

Moreover, as Halloween approaches (a huge holiday for my friends especially), I felt like Wes was worth a mention. His specific style has been an inspiration for many a costume. My buds might even being reprising their role as "Team Zizzou" this season...or maybe go the "Royal Tenenbaums" route...only time will tell.
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