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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've never felt the need for internet on my cell phone so much as when I drafted my first Fantasy Football Team. Now usually I try my best to actually sit my bum down in front of the tv (or multiple tv's at a sportsbar if its a particularly eventful Sunday), but every now and then I find myself having to be elsewhere when a game is on and man, do I get antsy. STATS, STATS, NEED STATS!! Did Romo throw another interception? Is Maroney playing? How's Washington's D holding up? Did my boy just score a touchdown? You gotta let me know!!

Fantasy football really revolutionizes the way you view the games, and the internet has certainly revolutionized how fantasy games are played. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports has this amazing thing called StatTracker where you can follow your players live online. This is key, as the NFL has some shady deal with DirectTV, so unless you've got their NFL Sunday Ticket at $300 a pop, you're not getting to watch most games at all.

One little trick I've found (sans internet on my phone) is GOOGLE SMS. Did you know you can text the word "GOOGLE" practically anything, and it'll send you a text back (standard messaging rates apply) almost instantly? Philadelphia Eagles Score. Boom, there it is in a flash. Info at the push of a button, anytime, anywhere, that's the Millennial way.

While Fantasy Sports are by no means an activity played by all, it certainly has a huge following, particularly in the 20-something crowd. Football, Baseball, Basketball, even Hockey and Golf. Its all about control, customization, knowledge-based skill, and ole fashioned good luck. You know, getting involved. Its not just about watching sports anymore, its about playing along. It keeps us on the cutting edge. Plus, who doesn't like a friendly competition among friends?
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This post cracked me up. It's nice to find a woman who enjoys fantasy football.

October 17, 2007 at 12:52 PM  

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