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Monday, November 19, 2007


What is it about 80's and early 90's cartoons that gets people of my generation all worked up about?

Any mention of Fraggle Rock, Duck Tales, Chip&Dale Rescue Rangers, etc. will send nearly any millennial (myself included) into a "Talespin" (pun intended) of a full chorus theme song rendition.

Aside from those mentioned above, I was an avid watcher of such classic 80's toons as My Little Ponies, Muppet Babies, Animaniacs, and all of those classic "Nick Toons" (Doug, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocco's Mondern Life, AAAH! Real get the drift). It wasn't all half hour cartoons that caught our attention either. I was a big fan of the movie versions of toons as well, Rainbow Brite being a classic fave. He-Man Master of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power were pretty high on my list as well. Perhaps one of my most beloved tv toon movies was "The Chipmunk Adventure", where Alvin and the gang challenge the Chipettes to a hot air balloon race around the world (Who could ever forget the Wooly-Bully scene???).
It seems that many studios and production companies have gotten wise to the cash-cow potential of these nostalgia-producing toons (as we simply cannot help but be drawn to the toons of our past). The recent box office successes of 80's toon remakes TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and megahit TRANSFORMERS seem be just the tip of the iceberg of many toon-inspired movies to come. Later this year we will see the release of a NEW chipmunk movie (making use of new technologies through a combination of live-action and computer generated graphics) ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS(with the original voices!). Most recently, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (2009) has popped up on IMDB, clearly illustrating that a serious HE-MAN movie is in the works. Even FRAGGLE ROCK: THE MOVIE has been announced by the Jim Henson company, also for 2009.

Oh man, I don't know about this...but I'll definitely pay to see it in the theatre b/c I loved them so. Damn you nostalgia. How cute is Theodore btw?
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Friday, November 9, 2007


Now through February 10th of next year, you can see the original works of famed and controversial Spanish artist Salvador Dalí at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Dalí's displayed works in this exhibit are some of the most breathtaking and intricate pieces of art, showcasing the brilliant surrealist mind of a man far ahead of his time. Among his more famous paintings, the exhibit also focuses on Dalí's dalliances with film. If you make it to this exhibit, you must be sure to catch the short film "Destino," a modern completion of Dalí's original collaboration with Walt Disney himself, which is nothing short of amazing in and of itself. I was so taken by the short film, that I watched it twice before continuing on through the exhibit.
Dalí is certainly one of my favorite artists. His detail and use of color mixed in with his twisted and often disturbing images make his work fascinating indeed. I cannot emphasize enough that if you get the chance to check out this exhibit, you absolutely must. Its one thing to view a print of his designs, but to actually get in there and see the color and detail in the actual oil, its incredible.

Many people feel that my generation has no appreciate for the classical elements of culture. To many, all we care about is rap music and the internet. Such is not the case. Young people today can still get the same joy and overwhelming sense of awe and unworthiness at a classically created work of art. We can appreciate all types of culture for what they are and what they have helped to accomplish for all of us. The eccentric Dalí himself influenced the way people think about art and entertainment, helping to pave the way for many artists and filmmakers to come.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am ADDICTED to the new Guitar Hero III. I don't even own the game, but my boyfriend's roommate does for XBOX 360, and let me tell you, its great. I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon in "Career Mode" because I wanted to make money to buy my own character, outfit, and guitar (what? I am a girl after all...that's my girl, the new and improved Casey Lynch pictured). The problem was...I couldn't stop. I just kept going and going. I made all kinds of money and was able to buys lots of fun styles for my person and others, plus lots of cool guitars. After a few hours I was down to the last section. Darn you Metallica!! My fingers started cramping up and I had to quit. I now have a twitch in my right shoulder. I beat Tom Morello and Slash, but for now, the Devil has won the battle, but I'll be back... don't you worry about that.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, the last of the Activision Guitar Hero series, debuted Sunday, October 28th and has already made over $115 million its first week in North America alone, making it the highest opening-week selling game in Activision's history. This release also marked the first time the game was available for the Nintendo Wii, showing that the trend towards "active gaming" will most likely continue.

Check out this sweet commercial for the game above.

There's a GUITAR HEROine in me for sure. I just need more practice :)
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Writers on Strike outside Warner Bros Studios in Burbank

SO THE WRITERS STRUCK, and we're already starting to experience the after effects. Almost all talk shows went into immediate shutdown, including those of Jay Leno and David Letterman. Some remain in production, like Ellen, but without their key opening monologues. Shows like THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT were also forced to shutdown indefinitely. On the insider track, some of these late night shows have already given out their 2 weeks notice to their employees, saying if the strike continues past November 19th, then they're out of the job. On the opposite end of the spectrum, showrunners like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show have promised to continue paying their writers for at least two weeks while they remain on strike, a noble promise indeed. Numerous celebrity writers can be found on the front of the picket lines like Tina Fey herself of 30 ROCK, and even other celebrities have shown their faces on the lines in support of the writers, delivering pizzas and water for all to see. Most shows remain in production, as many writers struggled to get in their final script deliveries before the strike. Its expected that normal production will continue through the end of November before coming to a sharp halt. Still, many shows have been hit with some curveballs like drivers refusing to cross the picket lines and actors refusing to act. All of these factors will continue to make it difficult for production to run smoothly. The strike is making news nationwide, and even leading democratic presidential candidates BARACK OBAMA and HILLARY CLINTON have stepped forward to lend their voice in support of the writers on strike. One cannot be sure how long the strike will continue and how badly we will all be affected...only time will tell.

I support the writers in their fight. Emerging Media is a booming business and its only fair that writers should recieve some compensation for their work that is so freely distributed online as streams and downloads, on mobile devices, and on DVD.

It's great to see people sacrificing and standing up for what they believe in for once. Go Writers!! Now if only people were so animated about the WAR...

Hit NBC Show "The Office" On Strike

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Dear Editor,

I found the article in the November 6, 2007 issue of the HR about "Hollywood's Top 35 Executives 35 and Under" to be an inaccurate depiction of the entertainment executive community. It is a huge editing oversight to only represent those executives of predominantly Caucasian descent. There is simply no diversity represented in the article at all. This is particularly troublesome since the article's whole focus is on the "Next Generation," and something this young and hip generation strives for more than anything is universal appeal and the representation of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. In an industry where shows like Ugly Betty, Lost, Aliens in America, Cane, K-Ville, etc continue to flourish, it is simply unbelievable to consider even for a second that there is no one of African American, Hispanic, Asian, or any other background that is noteworthy enough for this list. I just request that more consideration is placed on the issue of diversity in the future so that people from all different walks of life can receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

Girl of the Next Gen

**FOR THE RECORD: I was in no way eligible for recognition in the article as I am not technically an "executive," nor am I of any particular ethnic background. I was offended by this article simply because it is offensive to my generation in general to represent us as "lily white" as this article would seem.**
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