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Friday, January 25, 2008


Maybe its me, maybe its everyone, but it seems to me that the appeal of having an online representation of what you are in real life has a real allure to it. The Avatar. It comes in many forms and a person can have many different avatars. I have one for yahoo fantasy sports. One for my Nintendo Wii at home. I have random ones and ones that are just fun to have. We do so many things online these days where you could be anyone, but we refuse to give up our sense of identity. The way that we distinguish ourselves from the masses of other people surfing the net has importance to us, and in a world where you never know where your real pics will end up (I've known a few people to have their photo identity stolen via myspace and facebook), its nice to have a representation of you and your characteristics. Some people like funky avatars that express their interests, some people like to take on whole new personas. Myself, I just like to make "Mini-Me's" (like so many other people) that bear my same characteristics or that represent my interests (ie, in a tv show, etc.). Sure, there's a great deal of vanity involved in the whole process, but for me, it's also a lot of fun. It's all about customization and control, being able to express yourself in anyway possible. So, here's to some of my Avatars. My little pack of Megans. They're ready to take you down:
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